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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Quality Metal Cutting & Fabrication Equipment, Supplies,

and CNC Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Service

Loroch Ekostar 500 CNC Cold Saw CBN Grinding by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

              CNC Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Service

Soco DEF/FA-52

Soco Double End & Single End

Finishing Chamfering Machies

MC-275F / MC-370F / MC-350F / MC-350AC / MC-275AC

Soco Cold Saws

Soco MC-360NFA / HMC-600NFA-NC Production Cutting Non-Ferrous Sawing

Soco Non-Ferrous Automatic Saws

Soco FA-111DR / FA-127DR / FA-111NC / FA-127NC / SA-77NC / SA-78NCE Cold Saw Cutting LInes

Soco Automatic Cold Saws & 

Sawing Systems Cells

FMB Manual Pull Down, Gravity Feed, Semi Auto Band Saws

FMB Manual Pull Down & Gravity Feed Series

Band Saws

FMB Double Miter Gravity Feed & Semi-Automatic Band Saws

FMB Gravity Feed & 

Semi Automatic Double Miter

Series Band Saws

FMB Steel Bar Grating Band Saw

FMB Pluton Air

Steel Grating Band Saw

FMB Solar & FMB Scorpio CNC Saws

FMB Veritcal Tilt Frame

Series Band Saws

FMB Zeuz & FMB Jupiter Horizontal Automatic Band Saws

FMB Automatic Band Saws

FMB Pegasus CNC Automatic Mitering Horizontal Band Saw

FMB CNC Fully Automatic Mitering Band Saw

Fully Automatic Band Saw FMB Polaris CNC

FMB Polaris CNC

Fully Automatic

Double Column Band Saw for Structural Saw Cutting Applications FMB Olimpus

FMB Structural Series

Semi automatic operated circular sawing machine for cutting aluminum extrusions or profiles quickly and accurately | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

PMI Upcut Aluminum

Sawing Machines

Upcut sawing machines with cnc controlled miter adjustment in fully automatic operation | PMI Saws

PMI Automatic Miter

Non-Ferrous Saws

PMI-455 Automatic High Production Cutoff Saws Type A and Type L are designed for extremely accurate high volume sawing of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

PMI Fully Automatic High Speed

Circular Saws for Aluminum

50 Ton to 95 Ton Single End Punch Tonnage Machines, Flat Bar Shearing, Angle Shear, Notcher, & Bending Options on all Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworkers. Sold & Serviced by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales - 866-685-7297

Sunrise K-Series


Sunrise Dual Cylinder Ironworkers

Dual Cylinder / Dual Operator

Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworkers

Sunrise CNC Ironworkers for Processing Plates, Angle Iron, or Channels with automated CNC positioning tables. Sunrise Semi Automatic Systems, Sunrise Fully Automatic Systems, Sunrise CNC Plate Shear System, ANC Processing System for Angle, Flat Bar, & Channel. APS Plate Processing System by Sunrise Ironworkers Sold & Service by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales - 310-486-8594 - www.industrysaws.com

Semi Auto & Fully Auto CNC

Sunrise Ironworkers

Automatic CNC Carbide Cutting Systems

Metal Cutting Precise High Speed Automatic Circular Sawing Machines

Complete Line KTC CNC Carbide Cutting Systems for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Circular Sawing Cutting Lines

CNC Carbide Cutting Systems

Non-Ferrous Automatic Saw Cutting Line

Non-Ferrous Metals 

Precision High Speed Automatic Sawing

Piranha Series of Plasma Tables CNC | HD| 4'x4' Cutting Area to 5'x10' Cutting Area Priced Competitively

Piranha Plasma Tables

Piranha Hydraulic Press Brake Machines

Piranha Hydraulic Shears

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Sawing Machines By Cosen Saws | SH-460M | MH-460M | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Cosen SH-460M

Semi-Automatic Mitering

Horizontal Band Saw

Cosen SH-500M Horizontal Band Saw

Cosen SH-500M

Semi-Automatic Scissor Style Horizontal Miter Band Saw

Cosen SH-650M Hydraulic Mitering Band Saws

Cosen SH-650M

Semi-Automatic Miter Horizontal Band Saw

Cosen SH-700 Double Miter Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

Cosen SH-700DM

Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Double Miter Band Saw

Cosen SH-510LDMB 

Heavy Duty Dual Column

Double Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw

Trennjaeger Horizontal Feed

Semi Auto Cold Saw

Bar Grating Friciton Cut Off Circular Sawing Machine Trennjaeger

Trennjaeger Bar Grating

Friction Blade Cut Off Saw

VCT 370 DG CNC | LTS 520 A Pusher CNC Trennjaeger Cold Saws | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Trennjaeger CNC Automatic

Miter Circular Cold Saw

Pneumatic, Electric, & Hydraulic Tapping Arms by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Horizontal Pivot Band Saws

Horizontal Miter Band Saws

Vertical Band Saws

Dual Column Band Saws

Wide Flange Band Saws

Plate Saws