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Cosen SH-510LDMB Heavy Duty Dual Column

Double Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw

Cosen's SH-510LDMB incorporate a 3 HP blade motor, 1-1/4" wide blade, independent control panel, and heavy-duty linear rail design. These features create a very rigid, dynamically stable and productive machine. The linear guide square columns ensure smooth saw frame movement and the consistently stable cutting force required throughout the cutting cycle, thereby increasing the cutting effeciency and extending blade life. 6 degree blade cant is designed specifically for cutting structural steel such as

H-beam, I-beam, channels, etc. at the best cutting conditions. Ability to cut to 60 degrees forward and backwards are standard.

Heavy duty double column, double miter semi-automatic band saw Cosen SH-510LDMB



  • Cosen employs a rigid, linear guide square columns design, which keeps the same penetrating

      angle to the material from top to bottom of cut, to enable smooth and consistent feed rate                    throughout the entire cutting cycle. Saw frame miters +/-60 degrees via manual saw frame swivel.

  • The 6 degree blade cant is designed for cutting large I-beams or other structural shapes creating         more even load per blade tooth, thus increasing cutting effeciency and blade life, meanwhile             eliminating blade binding in the web.

Blade Drive & Lubrication System:

  • 4 Speed transmission for blade speed. Belt pulley system.
  • Equipped with a 3 HP Motor, heavy duty reducer, and variable step drive assembly
  • Chip brush is available for effective blade cleaning prolonging blade life & blade guides.
  • Complete flood coolant system with integral recovery system

Blade Guidance:

  • Automatic hydraulic blade tension with pressure gauge ensures proper tension on blade
  • Guide arm is synchronized with the vise and is controlled from the operator's console & permits         more efficient cutting by being able to be moved close to material, regardless of size
  • Carbide blade guides are relieved to provide unsurpassed lubricating and cooling of the blade
  • Addional blade guides contacting the back of the blade provides extra support for added                     penetrating force for faster cuts

Controls & Automation:

  • Control station is located ergonomically overhead and can swivel to ideal position
  • "Last Cut" or "Keep On" selector enables you to choose either to turn the machine off or return         the saw head to the pre-selected cut height ready for the next cut

Material Clamping & Feeding:

  • A single heavy duty full stroke machine vise provides ample hydraulic pressure onto the material

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