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FMB Structural Series Band Saws

FMB Olimpus & Olimpus XL Sructural Series Gear Driven Saws are Designed to Handle Large Capacity Sawing. The Sawhead Travels on Two Massive Columns while the Sawblade Travels at a 10 Degree Cant for Faster Sawing. Easy to use and operate, the Olimpus & Olimpus XL can be combined with Material Handling for Maximum Productivity.

Double Column Structural Cutting Band Saws FMB Olimpus
Large Structural Band Saw for Straight Cuts Only FMB Olimpus 1
Double Column Structural Band Saw FMB Olimpus 2
Structural Cutting Band Saw with Dual Columns and Miter Cutting FMB Olimpus 3

Large Capacity Dual Column Band Saw with 40-1/2" Wide Cutting Capacity FMB Olimpus 1 XL
Straight Cutting Structural Band Saw FMB Olimpus 1 XL
18" x 18" Square Cutting Capacity FMB Olimpus 2 XL

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