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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

FMB Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saws

Vertical Tilt Frame Saw for cutting to 60 degrees to right or left FMB Solar

FMB Solar

  • Semi Automatic Operation with

 Hydraulic Saw Head and Clamping

  • Up to 60 Degree Miter to Right & Left
  • 1-1/4" Width Saw Blade
  • 4.5-Degree Cant Saw Head
  • Saw Head Rotation is Driven with

 a Hydraulic Cylinder

  • 18" x 22" Cutting Capacity
  • Touch Screen Control with Display

 of Cutting Angle and Feed Rate

  • Inverter Controlled Infinitely

 Variable Blade Speed 


Semi Automatic Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw - FMB Solar

FMB Scorpio CNC Automatic Vertical Saw

FMB Scorpio CNC Automatic Sawing System with Material Positioning System for longer cut lengths with opposing miter cuts. Material Positioning Systems eliminates the need for multiple indexes normally required of saws with a gripper index system, Material is indexed in one fluid motion ideal for handling long cut lengths and no limitations. Potential remnant end has been reduced to only 1-3/8". FMB Scorpio powerful sawing head tilt  to 60 degrees to rigth or left,

Material Optimization Software and Rotary Material Positioning System combine to offer high efficient automatic sawing system.

Fully Automatic Vertical Tilt Frame CNC Band Saw - FMB Scorpio

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