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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

HSS Cold Saw Blades CNC Sharpened to Manufacturer Specs using German Engineered Technology Loroch Ekostar 500 CNC Grinder | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

CNC Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Service

HSS Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Service using Loroch Ekostar 500 CNC Controlled Machine for sharpening, re-toothing, & chamfering HSS metal cutting circular saw blades with CBN Abrasive Grinding & Effective Coolant Pressure Resulting in Optimum Grinding Finish.  Quick turnaround on saw blade sharpening service. Centrally located in the Inland Empire,  we provide free pick up & delivery service for all surrounding counties within a 50 mile radius. Discounts on sharpening service for saw blades sent UPS/FedEx for sharpening depending on quantity of cold saw blades. Please call 866-685-7297 or email

sales@industrysaws.com for volume discount details.

Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Info/Request Form