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PMI Automatic Aluminum Saws

PMI-455 Fully Automatic Saws are designed for sawing aluminum extrusions and solids to a precise length, PMI-455 Series Saws are available in upcut and crosscut (horizontal) models.

Fully Automatic CNC Controlled Cut Off Circular Sawing Machines for Aluminum Extrusions or Non-Ferrous Material Precisely & Accurately | Provide by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales | PMI Saws

PMI-455 Features

  • Touchscreen Control for easy job setup
  • Simple set up to run stacked or bundle lengths of material
  • Ballscrew-controlled shuttle indexing vise and

      servo motor driven for precise cuts.

  • Incremental material indexing for faster cycle times
  • Standard with horizontal and vertical clamps on

      the shuttle vise and fixed saw vise

  • Specially Designed Retractable Saw Work Table (455-L)
  • Mitsubishi NC Controls
  • 10 HP - 455 Type A - Upcut Saw Model
  • 20 HP - 455 Type L - Horizontal Saw Model
Upcut Non-Ferrous Automatic Circular Sawing Machines | PMI-455 A Type | Industry Saws
Aluminum Saw with Horizonal Blade Feed for Large Cutting Capacites | PMI-455 L Type Saws | Industry Saw & Machinery Sales
PMI-455 A Type & PMI-455 L Type Automatic Aluminum Saws Cutting Specifications | Industry Saws

PMI-455 A-Type Automatic High Production Saw

Maximum Cutting Capacity

5-1/8" x 5-1/8"

4" x 7-3/4"

3/4" x 11"

PMI-610 A-Type Automatic High Production Saw

Maximum Cutting Capacity

7-3/8" x 7-3/8"

2" x 12-1/2"

1-1/2" x 16-1/2"

PMI-455 L Type Automatic Production Saw

Maximum Cutting Capacity

6.89" x 8.26"

5.118" x 13.779"

0.789" x 15.748"

PMI-NC30 L Type Automatic High Production

Maximum Cutting Capacity

10" Round

10" Square

7" x 19.50"

PMI-NC36 L Type Automatic High Production

Maximum Cutting Capacity

12.5" Round

12.5" x 12.5" Square

6" x 23.5" Rectangle

PMI-18 DB-Type CE NC Automatic Cutoff Saw

Compact & Competetive priced automatic

non-ferrous production saw. NC cutting control, touchscreen, servo motor,encoder, & servo drive cut length indexing for very high accuracy.

Maximum Cutting Capacity

4-1/3" x 4-1/3"

4" x 8"

3/4" x 11" 



Fully Automatic Sawing & Machining Center


Drill+Saw Automatic

21.5" Pusher System 

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