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PMI Miter Upcut Saws

PMI High Speed Upcut Aluminum Saws are designed to cut aluminum profiles quickly and accurately.

The PMI Saws will leave a burr free, mirror image finish on cut parts. The upcut design, enclosed saw blade

chamber, and powerful saw motors ensure a productive and safe work environment.

PMI Upcut  Saw for straight and miter cutting of aluminum extrusions or profiles that require precison cuts and clean mirror finish cut, Sold & Serviced by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

PMI Upcut Aluminum Saw Features

  • 7.5 HP Saw Motor (20-24 Models)
  • 10 HP Saw Motor (30-36 Models)
  • Upcut design & fully enclosed saw bladechamber
  • Precision ground worktable with special coating
  • Pneumatic clamping system with adjustable                                 clamping pressure to prevent distortion of extrusions
  • Saw blade feed controlled via air/hydraulic
  • Precise micro-drip blade lubrication system
  • Vertical and horizontal clamps
  • Miter Capability
Semi Automatic Upcut Aluminum Sawing Machines

PMI Automatic Miter Upcut Saws

PMI Fully Automatic Miter Saw with automatic saw head rotation and automatic meterial indexing.

Features include touch screen control for easy job setup, servo motor driven pusher system.

Available in working lengths from 8 Ft. to 21-1/2" Ft. Fully automatic saw cycle and 100 program storage.

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