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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Soco Aluminum Saws - Automatic

Fully Automatic, High Precision, High Speed Circular Sawing Machines for Bar, Tube, and Various Profiles of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, PVC, Carbon Fiber or Non-Ferrous Man Made Materials.

Automatic Non-Ferrous Circular Saw Soco MC-360NFA+DRO Sold & Serviced by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco MC-360NFA Automatic Non-Ferrous Saw

  • High Precision Cutting +/-.005" Cut Tolerance
  • Digital LED Read Out for Cut Length
  • PLC Controlled for Quality Performance
  • 16" TCT Circular Saw Blade (3500rpm)
  • 0.236" - 72" Total Feed Cut Length.
  • 5HP Motor (7.5HP Optional) 220v or 440v 3phase
  • Air-Oil Mist System
  • 3.543" Solid Rounds
  • 6.89" x 1 .969" Solid Rectangular
  • 4.331" Round Profile or Extrusions
  • 79" x 44" x 69" x 1770lbs. Machine Dimensions

Soco HMC-600NFA-NC+MU4

High Production Output, High Speed Cutting and Designed for Mass Production.

Automatic Non-Ferrous Cutting Line

High Production Aluminum Saw Cutting Machine Soco HMC-600NFA-NC - Industy Saw

Soco HMC-600NFA

  • Servo Controlled Material Feeding +/-.004" Cut Length Tolerance
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Multiple Cut Length Programming and Job Storage
  • High Precision Cutting & Rigid Structure to Reduce Vibration
  • Retractable Clamping of Material for Smooth Cutting Surface.
  • MU4(13') Loading Magazine(Optional) MU7(23')Available
  • MU4 Loding Magazine for Fully Automated Cutting Line
  • 24" TCT Circular Saw Blade (1740rpm/2780rpm)
  • Unlimited Material Feed Length (Single Stroke 19.685")
  • 15HP Motor 220v 3Phase  - 3HP Hydraulic System
  • Oil/Mist System
  • 4.724" Solid Rounds  -  8.031" Round Profile/Extrusions
  • 7" x 7" Square Profile/Extrusions  -  7" x 7.874" Rectangular Profile

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