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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Soco Cold Saws

275mm Circular Cold Saw Cutting Machine for Steel, Stainless, or Aluminum Saw Cutting - Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco MC-275F

Manual Operated Cold Saw.

Trigger Switch On/Off, Flood Coolant, Self Centering Vise, Miter Cutting to 60 Degrees,

2 Speeds, 220V or 440v 3Phase.

Cutting Capacity

3.346" Round 90 Degrees

2.953" Square 90 Degrees

Production Saw Cutting Manually Operated Cold Saw Machine. Soco MC-370F with 14.5" Circular Cold Saw Blade, not your typical 2 gear driven cold saw machine. Triple Reduction Gear Box for Full Time Operation, Sales & Service by Industry Saws

Soco MC-370F

Manual Cold Saw for Production Saw Cutting Operation. Triple Reduction Gear Box for Heavy Wall Tube, Pipe, or Solid Stock.

Cutting Capacity

4.528" Round 90 Degrees

3.937" Square 90 Degrees

Vertical slide or column style cold saw machine for heavy duty steel cutting operations with Soco Cold Saws by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco VS-355AC

Soco HVS-400AC

Semi Automatic Column Style Cold Saw Designed for Production Saw Cutting.

Soco VS-355AC Air/Hydraulic

Soco HVS-400AC Hydraulic

Miter Cutting to 60 Degrees.

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