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Single End Chamfering/Deburring of Tube, Pipe, & Solid Bar

Single End Chamfering EF-AC/60 by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco EF-AC/60

3/4" to 2.25" OD

Tube Chamfering machine Soco EF-AC/80 by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco EF-AC/80

1" to 3.25" OD

Industy Saw & Machinery Sales distributor of Soco Single End Chamfering Machine Model EF-AC/115

Soco EF-AC/115

1.5" to 5" OD

Soco Single End Chamfering/Deburring Machines provide the most economical, efficient and low operating cost for end finishing/deburring of tube, pipe, & solid bar. New machine models come standard with fully enclosed cabinet for operator safety, inverter variable speed, semi auto operation clamping, chamfering, & releasing of material. Chamfering/Deburring of OD, ID, & Face are performed Simultaneously. 

Soco Double End Chamfering Machines

(Long Lengths Series)

Soco Double End Deburring Machine DEF-FA/52

Soco DEF-FA/52

Double End Tube/Pipe Chamfering for Working Lengths from

150mm(5.906") - 1000mm(39.37") Standard

150mm(5.906") -2000mm(78.74") Optional

Capacity up to 52mm(2.047") OD.

Fully Automatic Loading, Feeding, & Chamfering

Long Length Chamfering Machine by Industy Saws Soco DEF-FA/76V

Soco DEF-FA/76V

Double End Chamfering with Long Working Lengths From

200mm(7.874") - 1000mm(39.37") Standard

200mm(7.874") - 3000mm(118.11") Optional

Capacity up to 76mm(2.992") OD.

Automatic Loading, Feeding and Chamfering.

May be connected to Soco SA-78NCE Automatic Saw for

Automation Cells.

Double End Chamfering and Length Measuring Machine by Industry Saws Soco FM-76V

Soco FM-76V

Double End Automatic Tube Chamfering + Length Measuring

it is possible to simultaneously chamfer both end of tube and

measure their lengths with tolerances as low as +/- 0.02mm

Using as absolute length measuring system (against a calibrated piece), The machines may also be programmed to stop after a certain number of pieces do not fall withing the specified length tolerance. Fully Automatic loading, feeding, chamfering and

length measuring.

200mm(7.874") - 1000mm(39.37") Standard

250mm(9.843") - 3000mm(118.11") Optional

Capacity up to 76mm(2.992") OD.

Soco Double End Chamfering Machines

(Short Lengths Series)

Ideal for chamfering short working lengths 25mm(0.984") - 300mm(11.811"). With an optional BTM, the machines offer a completely automatic loading, feeding and chamfering process. This range is suitable for clean and even chamfer of both ends of tube, as well as radius (round) chamfering and / or chamfering the inside + outside and face of the material. It may also be used for outside chamfering of solid bars.

Short Length Chamfering System Soco DEF-FA/60SS

Soco DEF-FA/60SS

Fully Automatic Chamfering System

for Short Work Lengths

25mm(0.984") - 300mm(11.811") 

Working Capacity

12mm(0.472") - 60mm(2.362") OD.

85mm Outside Diameter Double End Chamfering by Industry Saw & Machinery Sales

Soco DEF-FA/85SS

Fully Auto Double End Chamfering Machine for Short Lengths

25mm(0.984") - 300mm(11.811")

Working Capacity

25mm(0.984") - 85mm(3.346") OD.

Numeric Controlled, Servo Feed, Touch Screen, Automated Double End Chamfering Machine Soco DEF-FANC/127SS - Industry Saw & Machinery Sales


NC Touch Screen Control for Automatic Double End Chamfering.

Servo Control Cutting Head & Feeding for Short Lengths.

25mm(0.094") - 250mm(9.843")

Working Capacity

60mm(2.362") - 127mm(5") OD.

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