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Trennjaeger Bar Grating Friction Cut Off Machine 

Semi-Automatic Bar Grating Friciton Cut Off Saws

Trennjaeger Model UNI-9-22-1000 Capacity 3.937" x 39.37"

Trennjaeger Model UNI-9-22-1500 Capacity 3.937" x 59.055"

Cutting steel bar grating using Trennjaeger Friction Saw
Circular Friction Sawing of steel gratings fast and precise Trennjaeger Saws
Friciton Saw Blades for cutting bar grating for use on Trennjaeger

Trennjaeger Bar Grating Friction Saw Cut Off Machines:

  • Made in Germany
  • Machine stand of solid steel construction with solid polished table.
  • Hydraulic heigth adjustment of cutting head for optimal cutting
  • Moveable cutting head on steel gantry guided with 8 roller on both

      sides of the frame

  • Electro-mechanical feed with stepless servo drive system
  • Seperated electrical cabinet with seperate moveable control

      for all functions and for semi-automatic cutting

  • Electronic brake for rapid stop of cutting blade
  • Pneumatic clamping on left side of cutting blade
  • No coolants required
  • 30 HP Motor Standard

Trennjaeger UNI 9 Automatic NC Pusher System 

Trennjaeger UNI 9 Bar Grating Cut Off Saw Info/Request Form